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Day Retreat with Jenny Arndt: Imagineer: Vision Board Workshop

Imagineer: Vision Board Workshop

imagine. design. create. manifest

Everything you can imagine is real

Pablo Picasso

On the heals of a powerful New Moon, I’ve made this for you. There has never been a time more supportive of change and evolution as right now. I know you can feel it.

Creating a vision of what we want to manifest isn’t enough. It’s the first step. Once we have the vision, we must mold our energy and anchor it in ourt physical reality. It isn’t enough to see it…we must feel it. We must apply the proper technology to bring it forward.

Our reality follows our frequency. We can create the highest, most delicious, most inspiring version of our life - because we bocome what we believe.

If failure weren’t a possibility, what would you do? Who would you allow your self to be?

After many requests, I am bringing this workshop to you. Spend the day with me @ southcoastguesthouse creating, snhaping, and breathing life into your biggest, most courageous dreams. What are you wating for?


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