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Day Retreat with Kelly Serniak - Essential Spirit Mama

Join us for this second day long retreat with Kelly. More detail to follow…Save the Date

Here is the overview of Kelly’s first retreat in June.

I’ve had an intuitive calling for a while now to create a women’s healing spiritual retreat day and HERE it is!! 

This amazing day has been thoughtfully laid out to take you through a personal journey to connect deeply into yourself through meditation & yoga on the deck in nature.

We’re going to acknowledge what needs healing to move forward & learn to trust yourself and your intuition. Find out what physical health issues might be rooted in emotional/spiritual blocks. 

We’ll talk about natural healing tools (essential oils, crystals, singing bowls etc) and routines to set in place align your energy and chakras to release old wounds while creating your own positive affirmations to take home and move forward with. 

Included in the day will be: 

💕all materials needed (worksheets/journaling points/ chakra chart etc) 

💕a notebook to create in

💕your own customized essential oil blend 

💕and crystals to take home 

💕Guided meditation with a certified teacher 

💕yoga on the deck from the lovely yogi Julie Boyse

💕Healthy delicious lunch & snacks 

And so much more...

And the best part is it all takes place at the stunningly beautiful, serene Niagara's South Coast Guest House surrounded by nature 🙏

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