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Full Day Retreat with Jenny Arndt - The Art of Receptivity

Jenny is returning and will be offering Day Retreats exclusively with us in Niagara.  She is quite simply magical!

R E C E P T I V I T Y ::: We compromise our femininity when we attempt to match the masculine. We malnourish ourselves. To get things done, to compete, to push, to achieve. But we are women not men. And there is a different way.
When we return back to the true nature of ourselves we become open. Feminine strength is slow and sensual. That essence lives inside every woman ... hidden underneath the hard edges that we create in an attempt to be in this world. This is our real source of strength and wisdom. I know when I am tired and overwhelmed I have lost touch with this part of myself. But we can train our nervous system to remain open and soft. We can relearn to embody the feminine. It’s an important conversation.



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