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Heart Healthy Valentine's Day Interactive Cooking with Sharlene Styles

Join Sharlene Styles, Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach for an interactive and healthy bevening of fun, cooking and learning. 

This Valentine's Day we'll help you get a little spicy and a little sweet, naturally with food!  You'll learn how to turn delicious heart healthy whole foods into a delicious Thai inspired meal.

Sharlene's quest is to demonstrate that eating healthy can be simple, delicious and nutricious.  She will inspire you nto become creative and adventurous with nyour cooking while teaching you how to use fresh, seasonal, organic, nutrient-rich healing whole foods that will change the way you eat and feel.  All recipes are gluten-fre, dairy-free, preservative-free and procesed-sugar -fre.

This whole foods participatory cooking class will be held in then intimate and cozy South Coast Guest House around the large kitchen island.

Your evening will include:

* copies of all recipes

*a fun, interactive cooking lesson

*organic ingredients used when possible

*tasting of all recipes made in class (1 welcome drink, 1 appetizer, 1 salad, 2 main entrees and chocolate!

Boost your confidence in the kitchen, leaqrn new recipes and share your heart with us this Valentine's Day

Space is very limited

Click on the link below to register